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Jacob’s Law Passes General Assembly, Heads to Governor’s Desk

February 20, 2019Press Release

February 20, 2019


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Jacob’s Law Passes General Assembly, Heads to Governor’s Desk


RICHMOND, Va. – Delegate Richard C. “Rip” Sullivan, Jr.’s HB1979, also known as Jacob’s Law, has successfully passed both the Virginia House of Delegates and the Senate.

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General Assembly lauds centennial of Arlington fire station

January 25, 2019News Clip

The General Assembly has approved a resolution celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of what began life as a volunteer fire company and eventually became Arlington Fire Station #8.

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Early voting could be coming to Virginia

January 16, 2019News Clip

RICHMOND, Va. - Early voting could be coming to Virginia if this Democratic lawmaker gets his way. 

The bill, proposed Tuesday by Democratic Del. Richard "Rip" Sullivan, would allow anyone qualified to vote to cast their ballot early without giving a reason or applying beforehand. 

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Northam calls for extreme risk protection orders in new push for gun safety legislation

January 7, 2019News Clip

Saying he hopes to find “middle ground” on guns, Gov. Ralph Northam said Friday that he’ll push for legislation that would let authorities temporarily take guns away from people who threaten to hurt others or themselves.

At a news conference in Richmond, Northam reiterated his support for several gun control measures, including universal background checks, an assault weapons ban and reinstatement of Virginia’s former one-handgun-a-month law.

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Sensing an opening, Virginia governor revives push for gun control

January 4, 2019News Clip

RICHMOND — Gov. Ralph Northam (D) is making an aggressive push to revive gun-control proposals that GOP lawmakers killed in last year’s General Assembly session, seizing what he senses to be Democratic momentum as the legislature convenes next week.

Flanked by fellow Democrats from the House of Delegates and state Senate, Northam rolled out a package of bills Friday that would require universal background checks for firearms purchases, ban assault weapons and resurrect individuals’ purchase limits to one handgun per month, among other proposals.

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