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Local Candidates United With County Board in Call to Rename Jefferson Davis, Lee Highways

August 18, 2017News Clip

The Democrats running for Arlington County Board and the Virginia House of Delegates say they are united with the Board in its desire to rename Jefferson Davis Highway and Lee Highway.

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Local Delegates Look Beyond Arlington Ahead of November Elections

August 8, 2017News Clip

Three of Arlington’s four members of the Virginia House of Delegates are without an opponent this fall.

Given the lack of locally competitive races in November, when the House’s entire 100 seats are up for grabs, the lawmakers are looking at opportunities to help fellow Democrats to pick up seats elsewhere.

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Sun Gazette endorsement: House of Delegates races

July 13, 2017News Clip

It has been more than a month since the filing deadline for the Nov. 7 general election, when three of the four incumbent members of the Arlington delegation to the House of Delegates learned they would not be facing opposition.

(The fourth, Del. Alfonso Lopez in the 49th, is being challenged by Republican newcomer Adam Roosevelt, but the district – like all in Arlington – skews heavily Democratic, all but ensuring Lopez a new term.)

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Arlingtonians Gather To Help ‘Sister District’

June 20, 2017News ClipFundraising for candidate from Newport News.

Del. Rip Sullivan (D-48) stood in Gail Harrison’s living room in Arlington on Thursday night and took in the scene: 25 Virginia residents, mostly Arlingtonians, had gathered to raise money for Zack Wittkamp, a businessman from Newport News who thinks he can beat David Yancey (R-94) this fall.

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Innocent man fighting to get conviction off record after near decade in prison

June 16, 2017News Clip

RICHMOND, Va. -- Michael McAlister spent nearly 30 years behind bars for an abduction and attempted rape he did not commit.

"It's too good to be true," McAlister said after being released.

Keith Harward served 33 years for a murder and rape he had nothing to do with.

"That's the worst part about this is my parents, it killed them, it devastated them," Harward told reporters when he left prison.

And Thomas Haynesworth completed 27 years in prison for rapes though he too was an innocent man.

"The evidence never pointed to me," Haynesworth said.

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