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Republicans in the General Assembly have failed Virginians

August 11, 2019News Clip

Grief. Anger. A sense of helplessness. A desire to do something. After years of horrific mass shootings in the United States, including here in Virginia, the emotions that come after reading that more lives have been tragically cut short feel all too common.

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Trump renews calls for red flag laws Va. GOP voted down earlier this year

August 5, 2019News Clip

After twin mass shootings left at least 30 dead in 24 hours, President Donald Trump disappointed gun safety activists by failing to call for any m

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Virginia Lawmakers Pass On Red Flag Law, Despite GOP Support In Other States

July 17, 2019News Clip

One of the bills Virginia lawmakers hoped would be considered during this week’s special session is what’s called a red flag law. This is legislation that permits police and family members to get a court order to seize guns from someone who’s a danger to themselves or others. But Republicans punted on the law and all new gun-related legislation. On the House floor, Democratic Delegate Richard “RIP” Sullivan ran down a list of Republicans at the federal level who’ve announced support for “Red Flag” laws.

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Arlington legislators get good marks from environmental group

July 10, 2019News Clip

Six members of Arlington’s seven-member General Assembly delegation won perfect scores from the Virginia League of Conservation Voters for the 2019 session, with the seventh not too far behind.

State Sens. Barbara Favola and Janet Howell and Dels. Patrick Hope, Rip Sullivan, Alfonso Lopez and Mark Levine each received 100-percent rankings in the organization’s annual scorecard, released in late June.

They were among 49 legislators – 11 senators and 38 delegates – to vote with the conservation organization 100 percent of the time during the winter session.

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Nearly 4-Year-Old Jacob Leads the Way

July 10, 2019News ClipNew state law protects the rights of gay and straight couples who use a surrogate to have a child.

Jacob Warner Olson Timmons sat on the lap of Gov. Ralph Northam and grasped the Governor's large pen. They were at Walker Chapel United Methodist Church, where the governor would sign HB 1979 (Jacob's Law) on June 25. The ceremony was being held where Jacob attends Walker Chapel Preschool, and the room was full of children twirling in circles, bouncing on the bench, and tugging at their seersucker suits and floral spring dresses.

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