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Del. Sullivan makes re-election bid official

March 8, 2019News Clip

As he embarks on what likely will be an easy journey to re-election, Del. Rip Sullivan says he has been effective in the minority and will be more so if Democrats win the majority in Richmond.

“I have gone to Richmond and been a leader,” Sullivan (D-48th) said in campaign-kickoff remarks to about 175 people at the March 6 meeting of the Arlington County Democratic Committee.

“There’s work to be done,” Sullivan said, but “the ball is moving forward.”

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Bill closes ‘malpractice trap’ in contract actions

March 7, 2019News Clip

Legislation approved by the General Assembly should close a little-noticed gap in the statutes that set out Virginia’s limitations periods for contract actions.

The well-understood general rule for Virginia contract actions is that the deadline is five years for a written contract and three years for an oral contract. But a 2016 ruling from the Supreme Court of Virginia highlighted a gap: the five-year limitations period applies only when the contract in question is signed by the party sought to be charged with a breach.

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Gay couple's surrogacy ordeal unites Va. partisans

February 27, 2019News Clip

Jay Timmons, his husband, Rick Olson, and their 3-year-old son, Jacob — born with the help of a surrogate — are not the typical nuclear family celebrated by Virginia Republicans, particularly by the conservative base.

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LGBTQ advocates dismayed but undaunted by legislative losses

February 26, 2019News Clip

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — The General Assembly's 2019 session was a disappointment for LGBTQ advocates as most legislation on health care, marriage and legal protections on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity failed. But activists are not giving up.

"I would encourage people not to be discouraged because we are going to be back next year," said Bill Harrison, president of Diversity Richmond, which supports cultural, health and other programs for the LGBTQ community.

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Jacob’s Law Passes General Assembly, Heads to Governor’s Desk

February 20, 2019Press Release

February 20, 2019


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Kate Petersen
(610) 209-4718


Jacob’s Law Passes General Assembly, Heads to Governor’s Desk


RICHMOND, Va. – Delegate Richard C. “Rip” Sullivan, Jr.’s HB1979, also known as Jacob’s Law, has successfully passed both the Virginia House of Delegates and the Senate.

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