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House Democrats Celebrate RebuildVA funding in Richmond Area

August 25, 2021Press Release

RICHMOND, Va.—Today, Delegate Schuyler Van Valkenburg (HD-72) hosted a House Caucus press conference at Hobnob in Richmond, highlighting how RebuildVA grants are revitalizing small businesses in the Richmond area. He announced that 235 Richmond businesses are receiving $10.7 million in RebuildVA grants. 

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Virginia House and Senate Reach Agreement on Historic Court of Appeals Nominees

August 12, 2021Press ReleaseHouse Courts and Senate Judiciary to Certify Candidates During Committee Meetings Tuesday

RICHMOND, Va.: Leadership in the Virginia House of Delegates and Senate announced agreement today on eight candidates to be nominated for certification and election to the Virginia Court of Appeals. 

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Special Session Provides COVID-19 Relief to Virginia

August 12, 2021Press ReleaseHouse Democrats deliver on American Rescue Plan funding priorities

RICHMOND, Va.—Today, Virginia’s 2021 Special Session II concluded with the House Democrats keeping their promises on how they would allocate federal American Rescue Plan funding. 

The House Democratic Caucus advocated successfully for the following funding:

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VA House Dems Usher in Sweeping Expansions to Voting Rights

May 27, 2021Press Release


Virginia House Democrats Usher in
Sweeping Expansions to Voting Rights

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Loving v. Virginia Anniversary Highlights Need to Update Acts of Assembly

May 27, 2021Press Release



Loving v. Virginia Anniversary Highlights Need to Update Acts of Assembly

Racially discriminatory language will soon be repealed from Commonwealth legal code

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VA Laws Empowering & Protecting Women Will Soon Take Effect

May 26, 2021Press Release




Virginia Laws Empowering and Protecting Women Will Soon Take Effect


RICHMOND, VA—House Democrats usher in new legislation aiding the women and girls of Virginia in the workplace, reproductive healthcare, school, and safety, which go into effect on July 1. 


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Sullivan: A remade SCC and a new path toward Virginia’s Clean Energy transition

March 18, 2021News Clip

After years of modest and calculated energy regulation, the status quo is set to be broken as the General Assembly has confirmed two new commissioners to the State Corporation Commission.

If I stopped 100 people on the street and asked each of them what the SCC is, I would not expect many responses. The SCC is an obscure state regulatory agency, but its impact on the everyday lives of Virginians is immeasurable.

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House Dems Use Session to Build a Better Virginia

March 1, 2021Press Release

RICHMOND, VA—Today, the Virginia General Assembly concluded business for the 2021 Regular and Special Legislative Session. Many House Democratic Caucus priorities passed both chambers, from protecting families during the COVID-19 pandemic to expanding voting rights and increasing education funding.

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More than 20 guns removed from Prince William, Manassas residents so far via 'red flag' law

February 25, 2021News Clip

At least eight Prince William County residents and one Manassas City resident have had their firearms confiscated by local police since Virginia’s “red flag” law took effect last July. In every instance, the law was used to remove firearms from people who were either involved in violent domestic disputes or were experiencing a severe mental health crisis. 

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Virginia General Assembly Passes Legislation Abolishing the Death Penalty

February 22, 2021Press ReleaseVirginia set to become the first Southern state to end the practice

RICHMOND, VA—Delegate Mike Mullin’s measure to abolish the Death Penalty in Virginia (HB 2263) passed the Senate today with a vote of

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