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Dels. Keam, Sullivan prep bills for 2018 session of legislature

December 27, 2017News Clip

Having won re-election without opposition, Dels. Mark Keam (D-35th) and Rip Sullivan (D-48th) are crafting legislation for the 2018 General Assembly session and both are encouraged by the parity – near or exact will be determined soon – that Democrats will enjoy in the House of Delegates.

“I’m an eternal optimist,” Keam said. “We’re in a good, positive position for collaboration. Republicans will have to work with us. It’s a way for us to collaborate to solve problems in way that’s not partisan, but gets things done.”

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Arlington Sun Gazettes Highs & Lows, 12/21/17 Edition

December 21, 2017News Clip

The Arlington Sun Gazette editorial page view on the local scene:

THUMBS UP: To the efforts by local elected officials to meet each year with students in the Arlington YMCA’s Model General Assembly program, giving the students real-world tips prior to the statewide Model General Assembly gathering in Richmond next March.

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Model General Assembly students get tips from real-world counterparts

December 11, 2017News Clip

The 62 Arlington high-school students who will head to Richmond in March for participation in the 2018 Model General Assembly program got a head start Dec. 8, as they sat down with real-world legislators and picked up suggestions on how to build alliances in the state capital.

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Metro, Renaming Jefferson Davis Hwy Among Priorities in 2018 General Assembly Session

December 1, 2017News Clip

Arlington’s representatives will push hard in the Virginia General Assembly on Metro funding, the authority to rename Jefferson Davis Highway and absentee voting, among other issues.

At a work session Thursday, Arlington County Board members discussed their legislative agenda — bills they would like to see passed and issues they would like to see emphasized — for the 2018 session with local Delegates and state Senators.

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Virginia House Democrats outline bills on transparency and government reform

November 20, 2017News Clip

Following gain of at least 15 seats in the Virginia House of Delegates, Democrats are making government transparency the hallmark issue in the first legislative proposals the party is backing for the 2018 session.

They outlined proposals to ban personal use of campaign money, end gerrymandering of legislative districts and make public a database held by the state Supreme Court's executive secretary - information that is only searchable now by making a request to every circuit court clerk in the commonwealth.

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Progressive Voice: A New Day in Richmond

November 16, 2017News Clip

Amid the wreckage of the 2016 Presidential election, I was inundated by folks — reliable activists and, more importantly, lots of new faces – wanting to push back against the policies and, importantly, the style of politics Donald Trump was peddling.

They wanted to do something — immediately. As House Democratic Caucus Campaign Chair, I stressed the importance of the upcoming November 7 election. In response, people exclaimed that they wanted to do something that weekend.

That desire to “do something,” birthed an historic wave election.

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Unopposed candidates already looking to 2018

November 7, 2017News Clip

Before cruising to victory unopposed Nov. 7, two local House of Delegates members prognosticated about the election’s results, anticipated dominant issues in the 2018 General Assembly session and discussed how the highly charged political atmosphere is motivating candidates.

Del. Rip Sullivan (D-48th), who chairs the House Democratic Caucus, predicted the party would have success flipping some GOP districts over to the Democrats.

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Del. Sullivan picks up support of N.Va. Chamber PAC

October 5, 2017News ClipOther members of Arlington legislative delegation left unmentioned in endorsements.

The political-action committee of the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce has backed the re-election bid of Del. Rip Sullivan (D-48th), but has opted against issuing endorsements in the three other House of Delegates districts in Arlington.

Sullivan, who is unopposed for re-election on Nov. 7, was among 24 House of Delegates candidates endorsed by the Chamber’s political-action wing, known as NOVABIZPAC.

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Farm Bureau endorses in 3 of 4 Arlington delegate races

August 25, 2017News Clip

The Virginia Farm Bureau Federation’s political-action committee has endorsed three members of the Arlington legislative delegation for re-election.

Dels. Mark Levine (D-45th), Patrick Hope (D-47th) and Rip Sullivan (D-48th) were among candidates in 94 of the 100 House of Delegates races endorsed by the organization.

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Local Candidates United With County Board in Call to Rename Jefferson Davis, Lee Highways

August 18, 2017News Clip

The Democrats running for Arlington County Board and the Virginia House of Delegates say they are united with the Board in its desire to rename Jefferson Davis Highway and Lee Highway.

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